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What type of office fit out matches my needs?

A good place to start when planning for your office fit out is identifying the office fit out category that matches your needs best.

You might be wondering what we mean by ‘category’ of office fit out. So, let’s break them down. There are 3 main categories when looking at office fit outs. Throughout this blog, I will be listing the categories and what elements are generally included in each.

The office fit out categories


This is the most basic type of office fit out. This type is usually appointed by a landlord who wants to sell on to prospective tenants as opposed to an actual business owner looking to create an office space for their employees.

CAT A fit outs usually provide the following:

  • Raised floors and dropped ceilings
  • Basic internal finishes
  • Basic electrical and mechanical services
  • Air-conditioning and ventilation (HVAC)
  • Fitted smoke and fire alarms, as well as carbon monoxide detectors
  • Lavatories

Therefore, these types of fit outs aren’t furnished and only provide the bare necessities that set the foundation for a fully flourished workspace. This will then require the next step for an office designer to come in and work on the furnishings of the office.



This is a relatively new category that is perceived as the happy medium between CAT A and CAT B fit outs. It merges elements from both categories making it a more generous setup alternative for landlords to provide their tenants.

In addition to the CAT A elements listed above, the features of this category usually include:

  • Desks and workstations
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Basic interior decor
  • Breakout spaces



This is the most bespoke category of all 3. And usually undertaken by the tenant/ business owner. This is the process that fully shapes the workspace tailored to your end vision. Therefore, this is the stage which allows you to inject your brand image into the work environment, enabling you to incorporate brand values and additional employee needs/wants.

As well as the CAT A+ elements, CAT B features can include:


  • Office furniture
  • Meeting/ conference rooms
  • Company branding
  • Partitioning
  • Floor finishing
  • IT Equipment
  • Reception area


With a CAT B fit out, it allows you to cater to the needs of your employees. You might be surprised of the outcome of investing into a further developed and personalised fit out. And as the result of an inviting and aesthetically pleasing workspace, you will most likely see a boost in employee productivity and morale.

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