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Positive post pandemic practices

The past few years for most companies have been a difficult time. Without sounding too negative, businesses cash flows were almost non-existent. People also had to adapt to a new way of working. Those who were spending 5 days a week in the office were forced to stay at home and communicate with their colleagues via zoom or teams calls. This made everyone a little nervous about what the future had in store. However, there are some positives that have come about because of the pandemic. Many of these have been in the way we now work, which is what will be discussed in this blog. If you would like more information on positive post pandemic practices, then keep reading.

Social spaces

Since the pandemic, a new office culture has been born. Post pandemic, many employers have chosen to introduce interactive spaces such as breakout areas. People believe this is a new-found appreciation and almost celebration of being able to socialise again after being secluded for months on end. This is a fun and innovative way by which companies are bouncing back from the pandemic and welcoming employees back into the office. Read more about office social spaces here.

Covid-19 and Improved Hygiene

The emphasis on practicing good hygiene has enhanced as a whole ever since Covid-19 hit. And as a result workplaces have followed in taking these measures. Many workplaces have now implemented cleaning stations. Along with regular cleaning routines to ensure all surfaces are kept sanitary. Others have also had dividers installed to individual workspaces, whilst employers encourage staff to maintain personal cleanliness. It is now common to have posters and signs reminding staff of regular hand-washing.

Why leasing is the best form of finance after the pandemic

There are several reasons why leasing is the best finance option for after the pandemic. Firstly, you have flexible rental terms between 1 and 5 years, meaning that with the uncertainty of cash flow, flexibility is crucial. Leasing also makes your monthly budgeting easier, which means that you won’t compromise your project due to budget constraints. You can also preserve existing lines of credit. Therefore, if you used up a bank facility in the pandemic, you won’t have to use up your main or only form of finance.

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