What makes a retail shop fit out beneficial

What makes a retail shop fit out beneficial?

Retail shop fit outs can make all the difference to your business. It’s the first thing your customers will notice when they walk through the door. Making sure that the first impression is a good one is so important for a few different reasons, many of which will be discussed later in this blog. The layout of your shop plays a key part in this. There are several types of layout types that you can implement in your shop. Lighting also plays a key part in this, again which will be discussed below. If you would like more information on what makes a retail shop fit out beneficial, then keep on reading.

Importance of a financing your fit out

There are several reasons as to why you should finance your fit out. They include significant tax benefits for you and your business as well as flexible rental terms over a one-to-five-year period. You are also able to pay for the project over its useful life, as paying all your costs upfront can be difficult. Additionally, you can preserve existing lines of credit. Leasing makes monthly budgeting easier, so that you don’t have to compromise your interior project due to budget constraints.

Different layout types in the retail sector

There are so many different types of store layout, but the 4 that will be discussed in this blog are a forced path store layout and a loop store layout (also known as the racetrack layout). Also included is a diagonal store layout and a free flow store layout.

Forced path store layout

This layout encourages the customer to wander around the whole of the store on a pre-determined route. This maximises the number of products the customer sees and may therefore lead them to making unplanned purchases. However, it could have an undesired effect as the customer may get agitated if they have a product in mind already, or time constraints.

Loop store layout

This type of layout is also known as the racetrack layout. It guides the customer round a quick and simple route, almost fast tracking them round the store. This will be beneficial when opening a shop that has a wide range of products, as well as allowing you to use branding and carefully placed boundaries to keep the customers on track.

Diagonal store layout

A diagonal store layout can increase better security for your shop, as the checkout area is at the front, with a better eyeline. However, the narrow aisles and hidden products can be downsides to your business.

Free flow store layout

This is a new design layout, one that is unlike any of the other layout types seen above. It gives the customer more freedom in how they shop and can make them calmer, as it makes them feel less rushed. The only real disadvantage to this layout is that it can disrupt the normal customer flow.

There are many other layout types in the retail sector, and can all be applied depending on the type of business you run. However, design layout is not the only thing that can make your retail shop unique. See below for some more key details that can make your shop bespoke to your brand image.

Key details that make all the difference

Lighting – can have a very large part to play as it can change the mood and ambience of the shop. Overall, this enhances the customer’s experience.

Acoustics – the atmosphere is sometimes something that can bring back returning customers, and equally push them away. Making sure your shop isn’t too loud or too quiet can be tricky, but very beneficial if done right.

Design and branding – making sure your branding is visible to the customer will make sure that they always associate your business with the amazing customer experience they receive. It will also reinforce your company’s values not just to your customers, but to current and future employees too.

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