Fit Out Finance a climate positive workforce

Fit Out Finance – a climate positive workforce

Here at Fit Out Finance we pride ourselves on being a climate positive workforce. Through our parent company, WestWon Limited, we have teamed up with a company called Ecologi. You may have seen us mention them in a couple of blogs and pages already. We joined them over 6 months ago now and became a climate positive workforce when we joined. We did this as we were (and still are) offsetting our employees’ carbon footprints. But more about that later. Below is a bit more information on how we are a climate positive workforce. Also see below for how you can make your business more sustainable.

How Fit Out Finance is a climate positive workforce

When we first decided to become a climate positive workforce, we were recommended a company called Ecologi. After numerous Teams meetings and emails back and forth, we found they were an extremely trustworthy and transparent company to team up with. We started to research the different ways in which we could help. Now, we offset all our employees’ carbon footprint (which includes 2 short haul return flights).

At the start of this year, we also launched our lease a tree campaign, whereby for every month of a lease agreement with us, we will plant a tree. So, for a 3-year deal, that’s a total of 36 trees planted! And a little goes a long way, because as of March 2022, we have planted over 5,600 trees in the ‘WestWon Woodland’. We have also been sending out certificates with an extra incentive for customers to repost them on LinkedIn. And just for that, we will have an 10 extra trees planted in the WestWon Woodland.

Make your business future proof

Currently, there is a big push towards businesses becoming more sustainable. We have started taking the necessary steps but wish, and will, in the future do a lot more. Some ways that we have made this step and that you can also do for your business are, for example, becoming a paperless office. The rate of modern technology is rapidly growing, and it’s time that all businesses took advantage of this. With the help of our state-of-the-art CRM system, we have managed to move all our documentation online. Apart from our certificates that are sent out (on recycled paper however) we have been paperless for over a decade now. You can also install LED lighting, crack down on recycling in the office and encourage staff to use public transport or walk to work if they can. Bigger ambitions include installing renewable energy resources and driving electric cars if needed.

Contact Us

If you would like more information on our green agenda here at Fit Out Finance, then please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01494 506 385. Or, you can drop us an email to You can also see more over on our LinkedIn page.

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