WestWon Woodland

Here at Fit Out Finance we have introduced, through our trading company WestWon Limited, a new scheme called the WestWon Woodland. We decided to launch this scheme to give back and do our bit to help combat climate change. You can also read more about the scheme over on the WestWon Woodland page.

WestWon Woodland at Fit Out Finance

Our current numbers…

  • 44,488

    trees planted in the WestWon Woodland

  • 3336.60

    tonnes of carbon reduced from the atmosphere

WestWon have teamed up with a non-profit organisation called Plant-for-the-Planet. They are the company which will be planting the trees on behalf of us and our customers. We will be planting a tree for every month of your lease agreement with us. To find out more information about them, please visit their website below.

Proud winners of the Net Zero Business of the Year Award 2022…

net zero winners
net zero winner badge

What you might be wondering about the WestWon Woodland

  • How does Plant-for-the-Planet spend their money?

    When conducting our research for the best organisation to plant trees with, it was a priority of ours that our money was going to the right places. That is why we trusted Plant-for-the-Planet in making our woodland come to life. Plant-for-the-Planet takes no commission on their donations. Being a charity, and non-profit organisation, they are based solely on the restoration of our planet.

  • How can I view my contribution to the Woodland?

    We have even created a virtual WestWon Woodland. We did this to make it easy for our customers to view the positive impact that they have helped make upon the planet. On this map you will also be able to see where our climate positive projects are taking place. You can track the growth of the WestWon Woodland here.

  • Where are the trees planted?

    Plant-for-the-Planet plants trees both in the UK and abroad. Most of our trees have and will be planted abroad where there is ample space for them to flourish. You can view our tree planting locations here.

  • How does this benefit the environment?

    The main obvious reason is to reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, and replace it with oxygen. By reducing this harmful greenhouse gas from the atmosphere we will be making a positive impact on the environment. There are several other benefits to planting trees in the Woodland such as creating new habitats for wildlife and reducing the amount of air pollution in the atmosphere.

  • What is the correct terminology for your business?

    For the WestWon Woodland at Fit Out Finance. WestWon Limited T/A Fit Out Finance can be known as a climate positive workforce. It is the first step towards becoming a carbon neutral leading to a carbon negative company. We must be careful in the wording that we use, so not as to call ourselves something we aren’t.

  • Why did we ultimately decide to plant trees?

    We know that planting trees may not be the best way to combat climate change, and we believe there is always more that can be done to help. However, we also base our company on the fact that it is better to do something rather than nothing at all, and so we hope that by planting trees, we are doing our bit for the environment.

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