What makes a workplace modern

What makes a workplace modern?

Throughout the past few years, the view on what makes a workplace modern has drastically changed. Before the pandemic there was really no such thing as hybrid working.

However, most companies now provide options for both working in an office and from home. The shift that the pandemic has made has been significant. Businesses and staff are more flexible and the attraction for joining a company that offers hybrid working is on the rise. There is also a big push for recruitment. Companies are looking to not just attract but retain current employees with several incentives. One of these, especially for the younger generation is the drive for sustainability. This is why a lot of companies now and in the future are going to be very environmentally focused. For a company to be successful they will need a good mix from all aspects. But more about that below.

What do you offer your employees?

As mentioned above, one of the main things companies are now offering employees is hybrid working. This is where employees have the opportunity to work from an office or from home. Despite this being better for the employee to have more say in how they work, it isn’t always the case. You must want to give employees a reason to come into the office. They should want to come into work and collaborate with their colleagues. However, respecting their decision at the end of the day is the best thing to do. For more information on hybrid working please see our blog here.

Here at Fit Out Finance we have many benefits to working with us. We offer up to 27 days of holiday, great OTE and bonus schemes available, excellent training and career progression! These are just a handful of benefits to working at Fit Out Finance!

Importance of space

There are areas in an office that you can modernise to make a workplace better for your staff. This includes things like lighting, colours, branding and furniture. The importance of your branding in the office is essential. Having a modern look will also attract new talent as there is such a big push at the moment for recruitment. There is also a big focus on social spaces. This will definitely modernise your workplace and allow your staff to have separate spaces to work. Read more on our blog about the importance of them here.

You can also introduce elements of sustainability into your office. As mentioned in the introduction, new people, especially the younger generation, are now looking for companies taking their CSR seriously. You can do this by introducing more plants and greenery in your office, as well as highlighting your green agenda through the use of space and branding. This could also be achieved through the use of LED lighting and having recycling bins on every floor. Here at Fit Out Finance we have planted over 10,000 trees in our virtual woodland, which you can read more about here.

Use of finance

Although we may be slightly biased on this last point, finance really will make your workplace modern! There are many benefits to using leasing to cover your furniture and fit out costs. This includes things such as significant tax benefits and flexible rental terms. You can also preserve existing lines of credit and budget easier with fixed monthly payments.

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