How can workplaces enable growth

How can workplaces enable growth?

Ways to enable your business’ growth

  • Future proof your business – investing in things like technology is crucial for your business to grow. If you go back in time, technology has soared in recent decades, and it will only get bigger. We have introduced our new partner portal called advance. This an incredible new piece of software that allows all our partners and customers to be kept in the loop about their quotes and agreements. We also have our very own CRM system called DORIS which has allowed us to be a paperless office. This links to another growing investment, sustainability. If you would like more information on our green agenda, click here.
  • Work on your vision and company culture – learning to work on your company values will enable you to have a better vision for the future. Having a good company culture will make more people want to work for you and more people use you for business! These are essential parts of business growth. We also have 5* customer service, again essential for the growth of your business, and testimony to a good company culture.
  • Move with the times – Sustainability and flexibility are important parts of growth and relate strongly to the first point. Also working with staff and the way they work after the pandemic can be tricky to navigate. To find out more about this, read one of our latest blogs about hybrid working.
  • Plan for change – one of the ways you can make sure your business grows is by adapting and changing according to not only the industry, but your competitors too. For example, the introduction of Fit Out Finance was to plan for the expansion of WestWon Limited into the furniture and fit out industry. This could also lead your business to enter a stage of ‘hypergrowth’.

What is hypergrowth?

According to the source linked, Hypergrowth is “a phase of rapid expansion where companies experience a CAGR of 40% or higher.” Hypergrowth has three main components: product innovation, execution, and strategic focus. Due to the hard to attain criteria, hypergrowth only applies to a small number of companies.

How Fit Out Finance can help you

Here at Fit Out Finance we can provide you with leasing options that will enable growth. Leasing enables you to have flexible rental terms, over 1-5 years. This will enable growth because you have a longer period over which to repay the lease repayments. This means you will have extra cash in the business to be able to use elsewhere, possibly for larger projects. You will also preserve existing lines of credit. This again means that your business can grow without using up your bank facility. Other benefits of leasing include significant tax benefits, as well as making it easier to budget. These things are all essential if looking to grow and expand.

Contact Us

If you would like more information on how workplaces can enable growth, then head over to our contact page on our website to speak to a member of our team. Furthermore, if you would like to talk to us over the phone then please call 01494 506 385 or email

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