4 steps to an office refurbishment success

4 steps to an office refurbishment success

Below are 4 steps to an office refurbishment success. In this blog we will cover how to make your next project count. It will include how to budget well and finding the correct design for your company. We will also cover why it’s important to listen to your employees as well as the research needed before you go ahead with the job. If you want to find out more, then keep reading…

Budgeting well

One of the first things you need to think about when starting to plan your office refurbishment has to be your budget. This not just ensures you stay on track of your costs, but others do too. For example, any external companies you use for the build can know early on what your budget is so they can set up a clear plan from the start.

If you choose to finance your project, then you will pay fixed monthly payments over the term you choose. This will allow you to budget easily as well as making it easy and quick to pay. There also may be a large upfront cost for the total of your fit out which could out you off the project altogether. Breaking it down into monthly repayments will make it easier for you to make decisions. More importantly, the right ones.

Here at Fit Out Finance this is the part of the project we can help you with. We provide finance options for office refurbishments that include spreading the cost over a 1–5-year term (although for fit out projects it’s normally 3-5 years). This is to go in line with your lease. If you would like more information on this type of finance, then please get in touch using our contact details at the bottom of this page.

The right design for your company

The right design for your company is essential. We have spoken before about the importance of your brand image and your office space. Being the first thing clients see when they enter your office, you must take care of it. Showing key things such as your brand identity, your working environment, your collaboration styles and the general feel of how your company operates should all be visible when you first walk into work.

Listening to your employees

Listening to your employees is an essential part of an office refurbishment. For obvious reasons it means your new office design will be the most productive as you have taken advice from those who will be using the space. An input of more people will also lead to new and innovative ideas. In a previous blog we did about hybrid working, employees are now changing the way they work. Therefore, office spaces are needing to adapt more, and listening to your staff will help and even accelerate this process.


The importance of research has never been more important than when planning an office refurbishment. Planning such a big project usually means an input of a lot of time and money. Making sure you research well in terms of external companies, financial advice companies, as well as finance services (such as ourselves) is crucial. No matter the case we will always want you to find the best fit for your company. This is all part of our 5* customer service, allowing us to make sure you always receive the best possible care.

Benefits of office refurbishment leasing

There are several benefits of office refurbishment leasing. These include things like tax benefits, flexible rental terms, preserving existing lines of credit, and making your monthly budgeting easier.

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If you would like more information on these 4 steps to an office refurbishment success, then head over to our contact page on our website to speak to a member of our team. Furthermore, if you would like to talk to us over the phone then please call 01494 506 385 or email hello@fitout.finance. You can also see more over on our LinkedIn page.

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