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5 Top Tips to a Greener Office

Many businesses across the globe have started to take sustainability more seriously. Employees feel better working for a company that cares, and customers will appreciate this too.
During this blog I will be listing some small changes that you could make to your office that could make all the difference over time, by making it greener. These are ways by which you can support the restoration of our planet daily.

Go paperless

A good first step towards sustainability is digitalisation. This means making that shift from paper to cloud-based file storage. This will inevitably reduce your company’s paper wastage. And the more companies that do this, the less demand there will be for deforestation. It’s all about the accumulative effect.

Did you know that our parent company, WestWon, has been a paperless company for nearly a decade now? We will only use paper if necessary, and if we do, you can be assured that it is 100% recycled. For example, the WestWon Woodland certificates are made from 100% recycled materials.

The majority of our files and documents are uploaded onto our custom-built CRM system, as well as cloud-based software. This has not only contributed positively to the environment but has also saved us a lot of space and money over the years! As you are probably aware, some offices will have whole rooms dedicated to the storage of their paper documents. But, by converting to cloud-based file storage, you can put this space to better use, and help save the planet!


Paper towels are so 2008. Upgrade to hand dryers, or even have roller towels installed. This will again reduce your company’s demand in paper usage.

Fix that leaking tap! Did you know having leaking tap dripping per second can waste up to 25 litres of water a day?


Save energy and ultimately cut down on your utility overheads by investing in LED lighting and solar power sources.

LED lighting is 50% more efficient than your standard lighting. LED bulbs emit less heat, provide more light, and cost less! These bulbs also have a longer lifespan, this means fewer bulbs and less waste and fewer expenses. There is not much reason to remain with conventional lighting. Here at Fit Out Finance our offices are fully fitted with LED lighting. This is just another way by which we are contributing to the health of our planet.

Solar panels are the most sustainable energy source of the renewable energy options. This is because the energy manifests in two forms. These being heat and light. But we understand that solar panels can be an expensive upfront cost, that is why we believe leasing is the best route for minimal harm to your cash flow. You can read more on solar panel leasing for your business here.


Recycling is key to the restoration of planet. The UK alone, generated a whopping 37.2 million tonnes of commercial and industrial waste back in 2019. We can all help reduce these figures year by year by recycling at both work and home. Here at Fit Out Finance we have equipped each floor of our office with recycling bins. This has encouraged our team to recycle during the workday as well as at home.

Office plants

You can literally make a greener office through the use of plant decor. However, office plants not only add to the atmosphere of the office, but they also provide oxygen to the air that your employees breathe. This is a great way to improve your office’s air quality whilst also adding to the aesthetic of the workplace.

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Here at Fit Out Finance, we can help make your office more environmentally friendly without compromising a healthy cash flow. Give us a call today on 01494 506 385. Or, send an email to to find out more about how we can help finance your greener office.

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