Warehouse Finance

Thousands of warehouses in the UK use finance to support their growth. How can we help you?

Warehouse Financing

Thousands of warehouses in the UK use finance to support their growth. How can we help you?

Warehouse Finance

Most of our clients will have a sound, continuous banking relationship. If their premises happen to be freehold the bank will have, most likely, provided a mortgage for this. In leasehold premises a bank might support the business with overdraft services and possibly a business loan.

Therefore, the appropriate use of banking facilities can be beneficial to us, and far from an impediment. We are very happy to work alongside banks and other key lenders on warehouse fit out projects. We can often provide finance for the assets that banks refuse to.

Most importantly, the leasing that we can provide on your warehouse facilities will leave your existing bank facilities open to use in other areas of your business.

So, whether you are a start-up, planning to launch additional premises, relocating, or just could do with revamping your existing warehouse. We are here to support you in whatever your business aims are.

Why Choose Fit Out Finance?

  • Decision in 24hrs
  • Industry Leading Rates From 2.5%
  • 95% Acceptance Rate
  • 5* Customer Service
  • Dedicated account manager

Warehouse Finance Calculator

1. For enquiries over £100,000, please contact us directly on 01494 506 385.

2. The rental price indicated is for general guidance and is subject to credit approval.

3. Business users only.

Warehouse Finance Process

Benefits of Warehouse Finance

  • Significant tax benefits

    By agreeing to a lease agreement there are significant tax benefits including the fact that the lease rental agreement is 100% deductible, meaning all payments towards your fit out project are written off against the company’s tax bill

  • Flexible rental terms over one to five years

    The rental terms that we provide can last anywhere between 1 to 5 years. This gives you a much more flexible chance to create an agreement that works for you, and allows you to spread the costs of your fit out project over a longer period of time

  • Pay for the interior project over its useful life

    Paying all your costs upfront can be difficult and leaves very little room for other projects you may want to take on. It also leaves you time to pay for it as you use it, a much more efficient way to finance your furniture and fit out

  • Preserve existing lines of credit

    This gives you the chance to use alternative lines of funding. This means you won’t have to use up a bank facility you already have as your main or only form of finance.

  • Leasing makes monthly budgeting easier

    Your lease agreement will include fixed monthly payments over the amount of time you choose to finance your project over. This will make your monthly budgeting easier as well as make it quick and easy for you to pay.

  • Do not compromise your interior project due to budget constraints

    Sometimes the large upfront cost of your fit out can put you off the whole project, so paying it in monthly fixed payments will make it easier for you to make the right decisions, essential for a fit out project.

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